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Do You Have Unclaimed Property?

Do You Have Unclaimed Property?

Did you know there could be money out there with your name on it? Yeah, me either.

Billions of dollars in unclaimed property is hanging out in our government, just waiting for the rightful owner to speak up. Yes, that was billions – with a B! More than $7 billion was collected in 2015 alone.

Where does this mystery money come from? Everything from old life insurance policies, annuities, stocks, bonds, uncashed payroll checks, utility security deposits and much more.

Uncashed payroll checks? How does that even happen? I have always kept pretty close tabs on my own money, and have never had so much that I didn’t know when some was missing.

I only stumbled upon this knowledge because I was trying to figure out what “letter” The Department of Treasury would have sent to my Mom’s house. My Mom sent me a text a couple nights ago, that she got a letter for me from the DOT, and she would give it to my husband at work. So, me being impatient and slightly neurotic had to find out what this mystery letter could be about. But I couldn’t do the normal thing and just ask my Mom to open it…. that would be too easy.

So I did what any other obsessive lunatic would do with an unanswered question, turned to my friend- Google. Only my search for, ‘What letter would The Department of Treasury send me’ – didn’t exactly get the answers that I wanted. But it did lead me to this knowledge nugget I am sharing with you now!

And there I was, down the rabbit hole.  Michigan Department of Treasury Unclaimed Property The search only required my last name, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have bothered. I didn’t expect it to tell me anything anyways.

No shit, my name was there. Not only there, but for something I recognized – an old life insurance policy I let lapse.

I printed the form, and filled it all out. They don’t even make it that hard for you to claim what is yours. The most difficult thing about it is you have to sign the form in front of a notary. Which is not difficult at all, since most UPS Stores have a notary.

I still don’t know how much is owed to me, and I don’t care if it is only 10 bucks. I’ll take it. That money has my name on it, and I’m not giving it away.

Every U.S. state has an unclaimed property program.

Why am I just now finding out about this? Each person I have mentioned it to in the couple of days since my discovery, was just as surprised as I was. I felt like Christopher Columbus! Like I discovered a new world. I wanted to share the wealth- literally.

Maybe this is not earth shattering news to anyone but me, and apparently my circle of friends. Maybe some of you already knew about it, and like me, didn’t think you would be a part of it.

Whether this is new News or old News- I implore all of you, check it out. You might just be surprised. It could be your money sitting in the treasury.

Share the information with your friends and neighbors. Let’s get our $7 billion dollars back!



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